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Project Management

Project management services are at the heart of our successful and sustainable project delivery capabilities. The projects we undertake are typically complex, requiring strong management, planning and administrative control to reach a successful conclusion. We apply internationally recognised processes as part of our commitment to quality management for the fulfilment of all our project undertakings cutting across engineering, and installation or commissioning projects.

Our project management team of highly experienced professionals are fully involved from start to finish of projects, with proven delivery capabilities, from concept stage through to execution, delivery and start-up. Our team work with our clients from the project conception and design till our clients are satisfied with the completion of the project.

We provide quality, time-bound and safe solutions that match or exceed international and industry standards to deliver services including;

  • Engineering and Construction Management
  • Project Analysis: costs, schedule and risk management
  • Project Execution Support & Administration


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Conceptual Studies

Our participation in any project starts at the theoretical design and feasibility analysis phase to provide the best solution option to meet our client’s specific requirements for a better financial gain (ROI). We perform these studies and design documented solutions to serve our clients during the crucial stages of planning and investment, offering bore plans, method statements and managing cost estimates and performing profitability analysis. Based on our expertise and global knowledge, we can help select the best technologies to meet specific project needs.

Crucial to the feasibility studies is understanding the geology that would be encountered with a project. This has bearing on costs, type of solution required and possible ecological implications that would need consideration.
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Infrastructure installation, completion & Management thereof

Large pipe or sleeve installation projects are complex undertakings, often involving the collaboration between contractors, sub-contractors, client and suppliers, workers on site, and substantial material cost, equipment, and cost of providing services. Coordinating these functions demands top-class management expertise, (while ensuring that there is) with a clear focus on safety and quality, which is the competitive edge we at TRG International provide for our clients on small, medium and large projects. Our installation teams are experienced in various technologies and TRG has built up a strong equipment (plant) base to support them in the execution of these projects.

Our management expertise covers;

  • Project Management
  • Conceptual and Detailed Design
  • Installation of Onshore and Offshore pipe product.
  • Installation and upgrading of pipelines in urban and rural areas using various technologies.
  • Construction Temporary Camps

Since 2002, we have built a capacity for executing engineering, procurement and trenchless infrastructure installations with a strong track record in onshore and offshore commissioning activities.

Our dedicated teams are involved in each project from proposal phase, working through the engineering, procurement and construction phase to ensure that the solution we designed and agreed to install is up to standard and specification before handing over to our clients.

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